Friday, December 12, 2003

Food, drink, mmmmmmm . . . somehow this blog seems to have turned into a big restaurant review. Can’t think of anything duller myself but there you go . . . if you’re visiting London go the these places. If there’s someone in a corner passed out in their food you’ll know who it is ;-)

Lovely delicious Japanese food on Weds with lovely delicious friends. We started off in the Cock and Lion which is an acme example of a friendly scruffy office workers local and then moved on after a couple of pints. Was not totally convinced by Nakamura – excellent décor etc + waitresses in full Kimono with Obi and a proper Mama-San, but the prices definitely reflected this with food that was perfectly good, but not spectacular. But then where is as good as Jin Kichi – my all time favourite Japanese in London? In fact I may have to go there very very soon as it has been too long. In fact there are loads of good restaurants in Hampstead. I used to live there (happy, happy days) and my other personal faves are ZeNW3, Dim T Café (but don’t bother having a main course – go later rather than earlier and stick to the Dim Sum – they’re fantastic!) and the Bacchus Greek Taverna. Al Casbah ain’t too bad either.

So after the Japanese we retired to the pub for some more (unnecessary really) drinks, and by chance again found ourselves in the only pub in London with table service – The O’Conor Don. It’s really weird to be brought your pints in the UK – I’m not complaining it’s just odd, and somehow odder as this is very much a Guinness pub. Staggered home, passed out, felt AWFUL the next day. Am very much not supposed to be drinking during the week as when I do it’s always excessive, and I end up smoking as well, which I have found I can quite easily not do, provided I don’t drink. Those people you see smoking waiting for the train in the morning revolt me – what’s wrong with them? I’m not being holier than thou – I’m as capable (or more) than the next man of sucking down 20 Camel Lights on a Friday night and waking up with morning after mouth like Joan of Arc’s (that’s Miss of Arc to you :) ) but why people want to smoke when they’re not drunk or in the process of so getting is beyond me. Who was it who said that "Kissing men is like kissing a gin soaked brillo pad used for scrubbing out ashtrays"?

Speaking of ‘Miss of Arc’ did anyone else know that Jane Wiedlin was also in the Go-Gos? Trivia or what?

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