Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Phew - I'm back. What a Christmas I've been having - it was just amazing. OK that's a big fat lie. It was just not as painful as it might have been.

Didn't fight with my parents - always a bonus, and even managed to get throught Chrustmas Day without getting into some sort of tricky situation with my Uncle. Him and me and have been having some kind of weird situation for the last few months - I have no real idea what it's all about, but there is definitely an atmosphere. So anyway got through that. Hurrah

Did have to go and see TROTK again and pretend I hadn't seen it but that was a small price to pay. I've been fairly channelled since then. Been back in London since 27th and still haven't manged to sleep in my own bed . . . maybe tonight. Nothing exciting though, just a whole buncha staying out too late etc etc.

BTW this I cannot recommend: If you are going to be a Godparent don't stay up the WHOLE of the previous night drinking. Nothing like being upstanding in front of 200 religiously minded friends realtives and strangers renouncing Satan while at the same time wondering if you're going to make it to the end without passing out . . . eesh. Avtually I'm exaggerating slightly, but it's probably a better idea to get some sleep, and you know, generally get oneself into a proper frame of mind . . . y'know.

So, err, I guess I'm a Godparent. Yikes.

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