Friday, March 16, 2007

Waxy Build Up™

My ear is now so completely bunged up I'm completely deaf. Why this happens I don't know but my left ear has been giving me gyp in one form or another since I was a teenager. Anyway, it's very irritating. On the plus side the Tube is a strangely calm and surreal place when you can't really hear anything. As a general rule announcements on the tube are incessant and delivered via a staccato and incredibly loud PA system on trains, on platforms, in the station by drivers, platform staff, control room staff and pre-recorded announcement. The instructions and advice contained therein is frequently contradictory, and it generally makes tube travel fairly testing. If however the have Waxy Build Up™ like me the whole palaver is reduced to some sort of background mumble "A wubber wubber a wub wub a wub wubwub in wub directions"

But it doesn't really make up for the inconvenience of having to have the telly on max volume like some deranged septagenarian and of the washing machine is on as well I can't hear what my flatmates are saying at all. On the plus side it means I can ignore people with impunity at work ;-)

And the other problem are the ear drops I'm taking to try and get rid of the stuff. They're incredibly smelly so not only does it make your ear smell or Cerumol, (who goes around smelling ears) but pretty soon you start to smell of Cerumol as well, and of course due to the whole interconnectedness of the ENT network, pretty soon everything starts to taste of Cerumol. Which is not good.


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