Monday, March 12, 2007

Something Tragic

I have 1 friend on myspace. And it's Tom Anderson.

Everyone has Tom as a friend. Tom has 162 Million friends and that makes me a big loser.

Actually I think it's kind of a weird picture to post if gazillions of teenagers and geeks are going to be looking at it. I mean what is he saying here with that enormous grin "Hi Guys - you don't know it but actually I'm naked from the waist down and sitting in a huge tub of papier mache made from the all the leftover $ bills I couldn't squeeze into my bank account"? And why is he rather coyly turning away . . . has he just written the word 'knickers' on that whiteboard behind him?

Maybe he's written "RM SUX DIX"?


Do we suppose that every morning Tom gets a long list of all people who deleted him from their friends list and then sends them wicked flame mail, gives their email address out to every spammer he can find and finally organises a denial of service attack on their blog?

I want to delete Tom so my homepage can be truly tragic . . . but now I'm scared . . . maybe he really does get a list and picks one person at random to consign to interweb hades. That's what I'd do.

He'll never know . . . or will he?

Damn you Tom!

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