Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Healthy

Well I feel better today. More like my old self. I guess 3 days without alcohol or cigarettes does that. Actually I'm dying for some of both, but am holding firm. Absolutely no getting pissed, at least for a while. Let Mr Liver and Mr Kidney have a little holiday. More healthy food tonight by the way. I'm keeping a log again. I'll bore you with it later.

All I need now is to get back to the gym :(

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Anonymous said...

Very interested to see that one of my gourmandyist friends is eating quinoa. I have been keeping my experience secret, but now I feel I can share.

Chateau de L'Yeuse, on the banks of the river Charente in fabulous Frenchy frenchified dining room, baroque gilded plasterwork, putti, flower garlands the lot; quinoa with crab and a tomato concasse, sounds simple, was divine.