Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shanty town art sell out!

I had the strangest dream about someone I don't really know last night.

I dreamt she'd moved to New York and was living with her boyfriend . . . so far so normal. But it wasn't really New York it was mystery Art Technology Metropolis, riddled with crime, overrun by the homeless. Her and her boyfriend built a beautiful shanty town like complex under a freeway out of scrap metal to live in.

Later, after they'd become famous for their wicked cool house, they moved out to live in a purpose built replica of the same place in an up market part of town that would give them better access to the ominously named 'Ants Causeway' that feeds the needs of the city's Super Citizens, who live in the sky above everyone else.

Now that's what I call a dream.

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