Friday, March 09, 2007

Boring boring boring

So anyway, here I am on Friday afternoon in work and it's *SO* boring. I don't just mean a bit boring, but the proper match sticks in eyes, itchy feet, horror boring.

This is because I don't have anything to do really, I finished a work stream yesterday and at this stage of the project that's pretty much all there is - slogging through the grunt work - and there's no way I'm starting a new one. It's boring, but tricky, a lot of words and numbers to be constantly sifted and pored over. Dullsville.

A couple of colleagues have sloped off already (it's half 4) but as I'm going for drinks at 7 that option is not available. Normally I'd just go shopping but I'm trying to save money, and also feeling rather disgusted with the amount of crap I seem able to buy . . . if you look through your Amazon history and don't even recognise half the things it's not a good sign.

Anyway this post is as boring as I am right this second, so I'll leave it there.


On a more interesting note, every single person I've spoken to guessed immediately who the person I've got the problem with was.

My question is : If it's that obvious to everyone else, why isn't it to her??

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Anonymous said...

Im ultra bored at work...finish on time everything that needs to get done, BUT..the work flow is slow and drundgingly cold..boring..and uninspiring..I'd rather be doing something else..but wouldn't we all..except maybe those lucky few who constantly enjoy what they do.