Monday, August 15, 2005

I went out in Clapham on Thursday with Hari & Teej and met Teej's new fiancee. He was pissed as a newt, but it'd be fair to say that we all were. Since meeting him Teej has undergone a quite significant change in outlook. She now always wears a shortish skirt - "you've gotta show knee", apparently - some sort of sparkly top and a pair of strappy shoes. And of course her stonking £12,500 engagement ring. He seems like a nice guy, already has a couple of rug rats and an ex-wife, so that's out of the way. Apparently he proposed on their third date. Anyway he seems to have everything that Teej is looking for in a man - he likes getting shockingly drunk, smoking and doesn't mind Teej doing the same. Plus he's got stacks of cash.

In fact, and I don't mean this in a bad way, but Teej has kinda turned into Julie Cooper!

So anyway, don't really remember getting home, but think I went and had some sort of heart to heart with Hari later . . . ah the demon drink.

So Friday was a total train wreck, but managed to pull myself together enough for Saturday night - went out with Hari again and Mac & Ana, just drinkies. Well we started off at Bertorelli's and then went on to The Cambridge on Goodge Street (as standard a boozer as you're likely to find), followed by Hakkasan and then on to The Troy Bar. The Troy Bar, by the way doesn't really need any more publicity, but should you be really desperate I'm sure you can find it. Here's what someone else said about it, and I can really only agree :-

"The Troy Club is a very seedy dirty dark upstairs room with a bar in it, which opens at 11pm and then suddenly fills up to overcapacity and starts turning people away, and seems only to stop serving when the last person goes away. Nasty but nice."

And then some finals at Mac's place. Got home about 6am to find my flatmates locked in the bathroom. They'd basically drunk so much and taken so many pills that they'd lost the plot completely. They were still in there when I went to bed about 8 . . . silly girls.

Stangely didn't feel too bad at all today, s'pose the drinking was spread out over about 10 hours . . .

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