Monday, August 08, 2005

I am bushed. I've been in Belfast for the last few days, and what with the travelling and the non-stop partying and the helping people move house it was all pretty tiring. In fact I was so zonked that I broke my vow and stopped to pick something up from the Golden Arches.

And it tasted just as good as it looks.

Anyhoo - Belfast - loads of fun as usual - went clubbing on Friday night to the ridiculously cool Potthouse. OK - I say ridiculoously cool. Well the space is anyway :-

Not quite so sure about the punters :-

Everyone was pretty blinged up. Well the Laiideeess were anyway. Interesting as the floors are made of glass to observe the initial reicence of some young women to step out onto it in a micro skirt, at least until a few drinks have gone down, while others seemed only too keen to leap on out there. Definitely something a bit exhibitionist / voyeursitic about the whole thing. And what's wrong with that?

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