Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I watched A Hole in My Heart (Ett hâl i mitt hjärta) a couple of days ago. It's Lukas Moodysson's fourth film, and wasn't very well received when it was released.

I can sort of see why, but I think the critics were wrong. It's pretty bleak, even grim for much of the film, and you really get the feeling that not all of it is entirely ficticious - there's a slight aroma of snuff about the whole thing .

However to some extent that's what the film is about - us watching them watching eachother, and filming the proceedings. The film within a film motif is used throughout as the 'plot' of the movie is that they're making an amateur, and seemingly very unpleasant porn film. What i think the film is relly about is that people aren't usually evil or even bad, but basically haven't much of an idea what they should be doing to make themselves happy and are grasping at any straw they can reach.

Very very disturbing stuff. I would strongly recommend it, but don't watch it with your nan.

Unless your nan is Vivienne Westwood perhaps.

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