Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Well that was a pretty rocking weekend - felt dire all of Sunday and half of Monday so I must have been doing something right. The tidying has progressed not one iota - the only difference being that all my videos dvds cds and, oddly, jigsaws are now decorating the hallway instead of my bedroom. Need to fix that . . .

On Friday night I managed to cover myself in glory by telling the ex deputy chair of the Arts Council, noted arts bod and mate of Mick Jagger's that his view of the development of opera in London was 'bollocks'. Good to see I'm sticking to what I know, because let's face it me with approx 2 bottles of vino collapso inside me is definitely going to know about it than him. I guess that's why people invite me out to dinner - so that I talk shite and embarress myself. Memory fades out somewhere about the point I was describing my new system of road taxation which would 'punish the unworthy'. Eeesh.

And on to The Captain & Micky's engagement do . . . very good night out, totally fun, have a feeling I was flirting somewhat with Bob's partner. Can definitely remember explaining to Ana (who are do be Spanish)in the post party club part of the evening the exact difference between a girlfriend and a mistress so I can only assume the evening went well. Also seem to remember addressing Dr Heartbreak in the middle of Regent's St at some unknown hour of the morning with the phrase 'I know what your game is so just back off muthafucker'. I feel somewhat like lion of Serengeti. Defending my territory. Grrrrrrr.

Tomorrow I am SO going to get a job. Well at least haul my ass down to all the agencies in Westminster and get myself some sort of dumbass temp job. Yay. Have bills to pay and lots of them. I was going to do all that today but total immobility struck once more.

Food intake today

1 x cheese & mayo sandwich
1 x apple

This is excellent, but having pasta etc this evening, so won't last.

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