Thursday, March 11, 2004

Totally forgot I was going to the theatre last night with fm1 and her priest to see the new opening of Endgame which I haven't seen before. Very good - funny and very lyrical - I enjoyed it a lot which is unusual as I'm not a huge Beckett fan and seemingly after last fortnight's cinema trip not much of a surrealist fan either.

As it was press night there were the usual bunches of luvvies and wannabies hanging about - always fun - and fm1 was mightily pleased to be given the eye by Neil Pearson no less. As she said later if she hadn't had Father P with her she'd have been straight over there, boyfriend or no boyfriend.

tfpl rang me earlier today. Apparently they'd picked up my cv from some job application I'd amde on-line and wish to interview me tomorrow about finding me a job. This is of course great news, but I'd be more thrilled if I hadn't already registered with them 4 weeks ago! Indicates a certain lack of arse / elbow interaction, which for an agency that specialises in Knowledge Management is a bit, well, shite.

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