Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Well Friday night was interseting. The song may say "There are 3 Steps to Heaven", but Pan clearly needs slightly more :-

Pan's Ten Steps to Heaven

1) Last week girl X asks the Captain if I will be attending a certain event. He tips me off. We meet up there and she asks me if I'd like to go to the Symphony with her sometime. The Panster say yay!

2) Mysterious neck growth falls off of it's own accord in the night before the date - take this as a positive sign

3) Manage to clean flat from top to bottom and utterly transform it & get a haircut in 1 day.

4) Somehow manage to get last minute tickets at the Royal Festival Hall on a Friday night - Mendelsson, Elgar, Tchaivovsky. Very nice and right up X's alley.

5) Meet at concert hall - both pretty nervous. Enter concert. By half time nervousness has evaporated - have drink - getting on well.

6) Exit concert hall. X suggests drink - proceed to wine bar in very convivial mood - drink bottle of wine, getting on very well indeed. Both laughing like drains.

7) Offer to walk X home. She accepts - stroll off down the street arm in arm.

8) On way home - about 3/4 of the way there - have THE CONVERSATION. This is the one in which she tells you all about how she's been having this affair with someone from her old work and he's married and she knows it's wrong but she really really loves him, and why does she always pick the wrong person to fall in love with etc etc et-fucking-cetera..

9) Get very expensive taxi home - consider suicide. Wrack brains wondering what you did wrong / where you misread the situation. Lie awake all night.

10) Arrrgggghhhhhhh!

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