Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Ugggh - I HATE HATE HATE job hunting. Why are all recruitment people so unutterably, across the board, and without exception SHIT.

I have got absolutely ZERO response to any of my job initiatives. WANK.

I'm particulalry cross about this because I spent today trolling round the shitty recruitment agancies at Victoria dropping off my CV and telling people I'll work for food stamps. Response : Bupkiss. Nada. Fuckall.

Plus I was wearing my only pair of 'office' shoes and now my feet are bleeding stumps of raw chum. So am sitting in the Victoria EasyMyArse Internet cafe where I just bought a sandwich that came (I know not how) to £4.95 (YES REALLY) and I can't move because I can't walk. Lucky I don't need to go to the loo.

All in all after transport etc today's outing will come to £15. For absolutely nothing. Less than nothing. Next stop - The Job Centre.

Somebody kill me now. I'm done.

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