Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Well that was a weekend to nothing – dullest 2 days I can remember in a long time. Went to some absolutely vile bar called Digress in Friday but I had to leave early – just couldn’t take the sight of any more suit wearing wide boys masquerading as office workers attempting to pour alcohol down the throats of only too up for it secretaries. Ack. Anyone who knows me will attest to how grim it must have been if I left early.

So apart from that . . . zip. Except I’ve been mucho enjoying the Embassy World Snooker Championships. I love watching snooker on the telly – it’s so absorbing, and yet strangely restful as well – the perfect sedative, but interesting at the same time. Plus referee Michaela Tabb is hot – a fact which has clearly not escaped the show’s producers either - I don’t remember Len Ganley ever getting the chance to do a little piece to camera about whatever. But who cares. The snooker was also referenced recently be David Attenbrourough as the single most important thing about colour TV, and he has a point. It’s the only thing on the telly that you actually need colour for. Or is it? Answers on a postcard please.

I was going to blog about politics today but I think I’ll leave it for a little while – I’m still too angry. Spoke to my Mother this morning and she agreed with (almost) everything I said. In no time at all we’d worked ourselves into a right little state of agitation at the shiteness of Blair et al. And what’s top of the heap again – oh yes – id cards. They’re not going to go away but I’ll never have one. With Blog as my witness I swear that by hook or by crook this fascist nonsence will be defeated. Whatever the costs. NO SURRENDER.

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