Wednesday, April 21, 2004

last weekend Pan went to Jonny & Ronnie's wedding in Yorkshire. I'm not the world's biggest wedding fan - I always find them rather tense but there you go. This one however was somewhat special - not so much in that Pan was ushing (he was) or the fact that it was the best looking wedding I've been to in a long while, but more to do with certain elements of history.

Pan first met Ronnie about 3 years ago. I went to a party and was standing by the door about 2am when a girl who was just leaving suddenly started talking to me. I guess we can't have conversed for more than about 5 minutes but that was enough for the ever headstrong Panster to decide that this was the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with. I had to go off to Mongolia the next week (no, really) but upon my return my campaign swung into action - this involved pestering Phil to arrange a 'chance' encounter - at the Sir Richard Steel if memory serves - and then just taking the bull by the horns and ringing her up. The chase was on, shennangins ensued, and the course of true love was most definitely not smooth.

So, 3 years later she's marrying Pan's old school chum Jonny and Pan is gazing out of the window at the pouring rain while other luckier souls are somewhere in the Indian Ocean. That's life I guess. Can't get that bloody tune out of my head either - "Don't marry him . . ."

So what else is there to say - not much I guess, though I should probably give a name check to Dr Heartbreak - if you're going to misbehave there's nothing like a large party of strangers at a wedding to misbehave at. One of them suggested video taping him in this condition to 'shame' him into behaviour modification. It's a nice idea but wouldn't work, Dr H has no shame.

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