Friday, September 02, 2005

Sometime the most asanine queries float to the top of my head, totally unrelated to anything else. I've watched a lot of TV over the years, and a lot of shitty teen TV at that, and I have a question.

Growing up I didn't have a double bed. I didn't know anyone who did either. Yet every American teenager in a network show seems to have a double bed. Why? Don't their fathers care about encouraging under age sex by providing 5'6" of downy, cottony goodness, as opposed to, say, 3' of nylony discomfort??

The only show to break the rules seems to be Veronica Mars. Her bed is, like, 4'6" max. more like 4' probably. But she does comply to the 'everyone must always use a mac on TV' law :-

I mean I love my mac as much, if not more, than the next man, but it's ubiquitousness on TV when compared to, say, the fact that you see about 1 every 10,000 years in real life is eerie. Has Steve Jobs got some sort of TV executive voodoo shrine / wall o'drug abuse blackmail in his office? Oooh what's that in my closet? Is it 27 pairs of jeans, 42 black crew necks, and what's this - a picture of Joel Silver doing a line of blow off an underage hooker's tits? Surely not!

Anyway, don't answer that question. But do answer this one :-

Did anyone have, or even know anyone who had a double bed when they still lived with their parents?

Thought not.

Why do I think these thoughts? Why? Why? Why?

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