Sunday, September 04, 2005

Missing, presumed satiated.

My flatmate hasn't been home in 3 days and hasn't been answering her phone. My other flatmate made the interesting observation that by the time you start wondering where people are if anything has happened to them they've already been turned tableaux vivant a la J-L0 :-

or married off to Satan like Mia Sara :-

or more prosaically converted into economy meat pies :-

So what's the point in worrying about them?

Absent flatmate was kind enough to send us an email eventually so at least we know she's not a human shaped outline on the M25 somewhere. Actually I wasn't worried in the least as I was pretty certain I knew where she was all along but other flatmate seems strangely put out. I think it's got more to do with some people swanning off and having a lot of high octane sex with people they've only just met and leaving certain other flatmates sitting at home on the couch with no one to play with than anything else.

Still, 3 days without a change of clothes - that's a hell of a walk of shame.

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