Monday, September 05, 2005


If someone put four boiled eggs in front of you it would seem like quite a lot, wouldn't it? But if you make scrambled eggs with 4 eggs, plus of course butter and milk, then it doesn't seem like much at all does it?


As you can guess I just ate 4 eggs worth of scrambled eggs on toast. I was going to have bacon as well, but it appeared to have some sort of mould growing on it. Now I'm pretty much as adventurous with food as it's usual to get, certainly I wouldn't think twice about cutting some mould off a piece of fruit or a slice of bread, and cheese of course is meant to be mouldy. But bacon? I mean it looked like it would rinse right off, it's only been there a coupla weeks and it smelled OK . . . but I binned it anyway. It's a shame because you can see what delicious organic free range fatty bacon it was - check out the marbling.

Am I being unnecessarily lily livered about this or was it a wise decision? Hard to say isn't it.

Or am I completely losing what marbles I ever posessed?


I haven't had a fag for approximately 140 hours and the desperation is starting to show. Be strong young Jedi, you can defeat the dark side, although frankly I'm feeling more like Chandler at the moment : Ye Gods dark mother, let me suckle once more at your smoky teat.

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