Thursday, May 26, 2005

Fictional Crushes

There was a recent meme (where from I completely forget) that asked if you’d ever been in love with (or at least had a crush on) a fictional character. My immediate thought was : who hasn’t? So here’s my top 5 fictional characters love list; in no particular order.

1) Jane Eyre. OK - she’s a bit of a drip on the surface, but underneath it all you know she’s a real troublemaker, and she always gets her man. If you ignore the fact that she marries Rochester after he’s gone blind instead of locking him up in the attic as he deserves she’s pretty much yer perfick heroine.

2) Laurie Juspeczyk from Watchmen. What more could you want? She’s a ‘superhero’ but also only too human, and somehow although she’s incredibly strong you want to protect her because of all the shit she’s been through.

While I was checking this out I did a little research into the Watchmen web presence and, surprise surprise it’s *HUGE*. I mean weirdly huge

3) Eleanor Rigby. OK, I know this one’s just creepy. Superman complex again. Fucked up anyhow.

4) The woman off the cover of Permanent Waves by Rush. Technically again not a fictional person in the strictest sense (some model s’pose) but somehow the picture makes her into a fictional person, there’s some sort of back story, some alternate reality she exists in. Of course it *might* just be Donna Reed. Which would be weird.

5) Christiane F. A totally real person actually and still alive. I read the book in 1983 aged 14 on holiday with my parents in Sidmouth. Let me tell you the thought of being a rent boy on the Kurfenstrasse and hanging out with Christiane seemed like a pretty attractive prospect at the time. Also it’s in the past, done and dusted, you can never go back, and hence the romance, and hence totally fictional, and still counts.



Can you blame me?

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