Friday, May 06, 2005

Boring Boring Boring.

Yesterday’s election was the dullest thing in the history of dull elections. And that’s dull. I did vote in the end – hauled myself down to the local pikey kids community hall (complete with 70’s style ‘disco’ lights and chip tray scurf around the door and had my usual conversation with the polling booth operatives. Who are these people? Why are they so retarded? Are they local council employees who normal most taxing task is working out how much crown green bowls should cost for the over 75’s with a leisure card, but not qualifying for a winter hardship allowance.

Anyway during the time she was poring over the sheets of A4 with her inch and a half long HB I had time to (upside down from 4 feet away) spot myself, my flatmates, both my neighbours and the guvnor from the pub round the corner. In the end I put her out of her misery and just showed her where I was.

Bastard Amazon

My copy of The O.C. series 1 has still not arrived!!

How can this be? They’ve delivered the New Optimum Nutrition Bible which I ordered after the O.C. and is frankly as dull a book as anyone could humanly hope for : 558 pages and no pictures. The odd diagram of the progesterone breakdown cycle, that sort of thing but no amusing pictures of obese Mexican traffic cops or close ups of a goitre. Tchhuhh. Does have an index though which is handy, but more to the point WHERE IS MY O.C.?

Somewhere in London some bastard tea leaf postie is settling down to 26 episodes of over-tanned over-aerobisised teen twaddle, and it should be me instead. Will have to console myself with recent purchases of Six Feet Under S2, A very peculiar practise, and OMG : World of Warcraft.

That’s it, I am officially Too Lame To Live. Hmmm . . . Too Lame To Live = TLTL = (TL)²

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