Thursday, March 06, 2003

Uggh – definitely not feeling myself these last few days – head feels blocked up and generally a bit ‘planet elsewhere’. Also gone deaf in both ears now.

In fact am beginning to feel a bit ambivalent about everything really. Which is bad. Tomorrow night is starting to look complicated. Am supposed to be meeting Ronnie and Numinor at home but they’re not there till 9.30. Meanwhile the kids will be grooving away at Amber. Wouldn’t normally be a problem, after all I can see the kids any time but I have it on good authority that Squeeky might be making an appearance . . .

Bit of a dilemma – after all haven’t seen Ronnie since before Xmas and she is kinda paying us a courtesy visit. Would it be rude to sod off out with someone else? Yes. Will probably leave it till the last minute tomorrow to decide. Actually that’s the best idea – leave everyone hanging on just to maximise my own chances of, well, whatever it is I’m trying to maximise. Terrific temper that Ronnie sometimes.

You might have guessed that while I don’t believe in horoscopes, ghosts, ESP, previous lives or predestination I also don’t believe there’s any point in tempting fate. I suppose it’s probably safe to reveal that I’ll most likely give my facial hair a bit of a treatment this evening ;-)

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