Monday, March 10, 2003

Something of an excessive weekend AGAIN – but never mind. Actually (as is the way of things) by the time I got to Amber I’d cheered up completely. Ronnie was completely unconcerned about my sliding off, although, in the end Squeeky never turned up anyway!! That Dr Heartbreak is crap. Somehow this didn’t seem to piss me off. Pippa & Keith, Shazzer & Peach, Hari as well. And someone else (well Dr Heartbreak of course) - was fun. Got home – had a few ales – passed out.

Saturday saw myself, Ronnie & Numinor at the Finsbury park bowling alley. We were our usual competent selves. Actually we weren’t that bad, although we did start to go down hill after we instituted the rule that any strike had to be accompanied by a down in one shot of vodka. Ugh. Picked up Flatmate1 and headed out to the Gastropub in Primrose Hill. Bizarrely we all ordered steaks – weird. Anyway we met Phil the Greek and Abigail there and after a few more light ales we all (xcepting Flatmate1 whose back is still recovering) headed off to Cecil Sharpe House and OH MY GOD – the madness. Actually it was a lot of fun but it would have been more fun if a) We’d been less pissed b) Everyone else wasn’t so sober and taking it all PRETTY SERIOUSLY. I can definitely remember thinking at some point that if this woman span me round one more time I was gonna yak on her big swirly skirt.

But we survived and lived to tell the tale – I think Abigail was pleased that we all had a good time – it is kind of her bag. I don’t think we really fitted in though. I mean we are sufficiently middle class – just the wrong age. Most people were either about 40-60 or about 16 – obvs people’s kids who’d been bribed into going. Or possibly they quite like going. I imagine if you’ve always gone you’d be pretty good so it’d be an overall less painful experience. But enough of that – we made it to the late bar in Kentish town (can NEVER remember it’s name), though it’s pretty fair to say that by this time no-one really needed any more to drink. Then home - a couple of nightcaps and shut down.

Sunday I was supposed to go to the cinema with Mac but, so not happening as couldn’t get out of bed. Instead went to Manoli’s with Ronnie (and had the Greek Style Fry Up : grilled holoumi, lountza., tomatoes, eggs, chips + toast and tea. Numinor had already gone to the Rugby so just the two of us as Flatmate1 was working and 2 is in Prague (speaking of which I got a call from 2’s bf on Friday night. He’d managed to lose her – didn’t have her number and was lost somewhere in Prague. Doy. Luckily I was able to resolve the issue). So naturally we slumped on the sofa and watched Flashdance. What a film. I can’t believe it’s 20 years old! Basically nothing happens, the plot is terrible, it consists entirely of clichés, but it’s just wonderful. It defined the 1980s really I was forcibly reminded of the Emperor sized crush I had on Jennifer Beals at the time ;-) and understandably so.

After Ronnie headed off myself and Flatmate1 sat around and I was just getting ready to go off for dinner with LROS when - phut – all the lights went out. And stayed out. In the end I cancelled dinner as it hardly seemed fair to leave FM1 sitting in alone with only a candle for company – but have re-arranged for Thursday. Anyway about 7.30 the emergency elctrician dude turned up, twiddled some knobs and announced that the problem was under the street, and it would have to be dug up. Well when I left for work this morning there was no sign of the road being dug up and likewise no sign of any of those naughty electrons scampering along the wires :-( . All in all it was a fun evening – we played cards by candlelight and listened to classical music on FM1’s battery radio. We could have almost been in a Vermeer painting. However – once was enough – having to remember to take a candle with you every time you went to the loo was starting to get stale already. Plus the phone is out as it’s some sort of major subterranean disaster & the freezer defrosting of course, plus no hot water or heating! (the boiler is gas but won’t work without electricity). The cooker still works though, so at least we can cook all the defrosted food.

Watch this space for more medieval anticry during the week

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