Friday, March 14, 2003

Dinner with LROS was one of our more successful outings I think. She is tired but not as much as normal. Sometimes I think she has really forgotten how to get the fun in. It’s odd. She can be really difficult sometimes and other times seems completely vulnerable and sweet. Can never decide if I fancy her or not. Actually I know I do, but can never persuade myself that going out with her would be worth the head-shrinkage that would indupitably go with the territory. Plus of course she doesn't fancy me. Anyway in an attempt to make up for having cancelled our last 2 outings I insisted on paying for this one. So naturally the bill came to nearly £80 but so what it’s only money and it was a very nice place – money well spent IMHO.

Anyway the important thing is that she is going to play ball with regard to The Lovely Woman and Hari and finds the whole scenario as amusing as I do. Unfortunately we may have to wait some time for this to be set up as The Lovely Woman lives far, far away and is dead poor. Just one of those people that despite their best efforts never have 2 cents to rub together. But she is lovely. And I hardly had to bring it up at all. I just mentioned I’d heard and she was straight in and guessed who’d told me. You never know – this might actually work as opposed to just being the biggest finger burner of all time ;-)

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