Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Aaargh – how annoying. Should have been at Mirabelle this evening for an all expenses paid blow out courtesy of my noble employers. Still – can’t be helped. Will just have to console myself with the thought of all those calories I’m not eating and gorge myself on peanut butter and pickle sandwiches instead. It’s not the same though.

Besides – really shouldn’t be going out anywhere this week as need to be concentrating on work + sleep. After all Ronnie and Numinor are visiting at the weekend, which will undoubtedly require some high level drinking and larking about. And before that I need to get everything shipshape – the flat is currently looking a wee bit like someone kicked it over the side of a cliff. Doesn’t help that the hallway is continually full of Mr Y’s bloody builders tramping dust up and down the stairs and kicking over cups of tea. This morning I had to climb over a pile of tarpaulins and squeeze past one of his grumpy gnomes just to get out.

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