Monday, March 17, 2003

Ack – somehow I managed to spend £150 on books, DVDs, music and a copy of Sim City 4 yesterday. Easy come, easy go. Still I saved money by spending Saturday alone at home gazing myopically into the fridge, nursing an emperor sized hangover and watching a couple of cheese eating surrender monkey movies on the teev – La Fille Sur Le Pont and Mouchette. Both really good but LFSLP is funny and sweet whereas Mouchette is an hour and 20 of unremitting misery. I’m not saying it’s not a very well observed and fascinating piece of work, but laughs? Non. Still that’s Bresson for you.

The reason for the hangover (and the fridge gazing) is that my friends (giving a good impression of deep sea trawlers closing in on school of Atlantic cod) all trolled up on Friday night and proceeded to eat everything in the house. We were 8 in total and after they’d already had Greek hors d’oeuvres, followed by king prawns wrapped in squid with tomatos and then a venison and pigeon casserole with chick peas, artichoke and pomegranite (served with three types of focaccia) and then a huge platter of apples and fruit loaf you’d think that might be enough (also consumed by this point 11 bottles of wine & 1 bottle of gin). But No-o-o. Somehow we then managed to eat 2.5 lbs of goats cheese. And drink a whole lot more booze. Still was a very funny evening, at some point of which I swore that I would go for colonic irrigation. By some lucky stroke though everyone was too pissed to notice – imagine that.

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