Friday, April 22, 2005

Why oh why

Went to the White Hart last night and, oh what a surprise got completely ming-monged. Who’d have thought eh? Actually it wasn’t my fault because it was open till 12 and therefore is cheating. Did go swimming first, so the eight pints of cockney fizzy keg I consumed don’t count, right.

On the plus side I did stumble home and unthinkingly plug the telly in, which miraculously worked. I also weed in the toilet with no water, which didn’t. Could have been worse s’pose ;-)

Loose End

What shall I do this weekend – I’m completely at a loose end . . . somebody think of something I can do, and I’ll do it if I can. Sort of like Duncan Dares but hopefully more along the lines of daring to go to the cinema, or daring to go and eat a Vietnamese or something equally unchallenging. Still I’m in your hands . . .

Actually I may be doing nothing at all because I don’t have my wallet with me. I’m assuming I left it behind this morning, but I may have left it on the street somewhere last night. Here’s hoping, eh?

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