Friday, April 15, 2005

I never really meant for this blog to almost exclusively about my trips to the gym, and when it’s not about them about nutrition and how much fat I’ve eaten. And on that note today has been pretty weird so far :-

1 x apple
1 x plum
1 x latte (semi skimmed)
1 x low fat yogurt
½ x bottle isotonic Lucozade
1 turkey escalope with olive sauce
1 x portion cous-cous
2 x tomatoes
¼ bagel with smoked salmon & cream cheese
1 x Tune (menthol lozenge)
1 x sachet Heinz French Mustard, sucked out of it’s packet at my desk. I feel sick
2 x cups of tea

OK, it doesn’t seem like much but remember that *ANYTHING* dairy is going to be minimum 10% carb and 10% protein, and that’s by mass not relative composition . . .

Better do a particularly punishing gym routine today to assuage guilt. Wednesday went to the gym before and after work. Think I’m developing some sort of a problem. I know I have quite a compulsive personality so I need to be reminded sometimes when I’m beginning to flip out. Basically just going to the gym every day and doing an 80-100 minute workout is no longer enough – that’s entry level. If I miss a day or do a short set I feel guilty. To actually feel virtuous I have to do more, like doing 90 minutes before work and then swimming after or something. I wouldn’t mind if I looked like flipping Brad Pitt, but instead I look pretty much like Lardlad, same as always. What’s the point? Who wants to put off that fatal heart attack for another 5 years if it’s 5 years of going to the gym, agonising over eating ¼ of a bagel (approaching Aniston levels of insanity) and SLEEPING ALONE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

I think that should be the name of my book – a sort of ‘how not to’ guide to modern living. And the worst thing is that my whole world is starting to fill up with filthy gym kit. It’s on the floor at home, its on the chairs, it’s down the back of my desk, it’s in my draws, it’s EVERYWHERE – wringing wet, rank, stinking, beastliness. Ugh.

Also had to take yesterday off due to a pounding migraine - first one I’ve had in years and years. Quite alarming – the whole left side of head felt like it was pulsating and my skull was actually enlarging. Plus my left arm kept going numb. Probably should go and see the doctor, but I’m not going to, because I am a man. It is written in the book of yore that the only acceptable reasons for going to the doctor are :-

a) Limb injury so severe that you can’t actually walk / lift arm above waist level
b) Vomiting blood continuously for longer than a week
c) Dose of the pox

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