Thursday, December 16, 2004

Well what can I say? BIG DAY!

Not only does Blunkett finally get his, but the worst of New Labour’s anti civil liberties agenda seems to be getting the silver bullet as well, thank you Law Lords. It’s such a pleasure to once more be able to have the most senior court in Britain make a legal ruling without Blunkett immediately rushing in from the sidelines to try and kick them to death for even daring to think about ruling against his own personal wishes.

My only regret is that Blunkett went over something as stupid as all this as opposed to on the grounds of being a horrible heartless megalomaniac, knee jerk authoritarian fuck stick – not to mention all round Daily Mail suck-up. In fact I was *almost* beginning to feel a bit sorry for him until I read this quote from the man himself in the Guardian :-

"I misunderstood what we had. I misunderstood that someone [Mrs Quinn] could do this, not just to me, but to a little one as well"

Nice one David.

Even in the middle of pouring out his crocodile tears for the press Blunkett couldn't resist doing a little bit of spin, and suddenly you see the real unvarnished Blunkett again : “I’m always right, White is Black, Black is White, I'm an honest man, you're a terrorist, I can have you arrested you know, when did you last see Bin Laden?“

Word of advice David – it wasn’t Mrs Quinn who ‘did’ anything (apart from shagging you of course which *is* fairly unforgiveable I admit), it was all you mate – bullying, blustering, sneering and attempting to get your own way in everything as usual. It was you, Blunkett, who dragged the ‘little one’ into the middle of this – purely for your own personal edification without a single thought to the feelings of anyone else involved. If you’d done the honourable thing and backed off none of this would have happened.

So what have you managed to achieve through this exercise of your monumental and utterly charm free hubris? You’ve lost your job, Mrs Quinn (7 months pregnant) is in hospital suffering from stress (and presumably insanity as well), and her husband, who seems a decent enough bloke and rather undeserving of your predatory antics is now Britain’s biggest cuckold and all round laughing stock, not to mention of course that all this will now have to be explained to the ‘little one’ in a couple of years. Plus everyone hates you, but that’s not new. Let's be fair though, there aren't really any innocents here - The Quinns are not by any stretch of the imagination anything less than master manipulators . To some extent we'll never really get the whole truth about all of this because everyone involved is fully embedded in the media. It's a media story about media people - normal journalistic rules (such as they are) need not apply.

Really everyone comes out smelling of poo - after all Mr Quinn is guilty of at least one complete foolishness best summed up by the quote (I forget from whom) "The man who marries his mistress immediately creates a vacancy". Except that in this case its Mrs Quinn who's wearing the trousers.

The rules on this are fairly clear after all. If you've been shagging someone's wife and she makes it perfectly clear that she wants to stay with her husband and the affair is over, the only decent thing to do is slink away, keep schtum and nurse your wounds to fight another day. Stumping off to the Family Division of the High Court with a HM Secretary of State sized sulk on is the act of a bounder at best, and an out and out psycho at worst.

So well done, David. Give yourself a slap on the back – you’ve acted like the utter shit you are and you’ve finally managed to shoot yourself in the head as well as everyone else.

Congratulations, you twat! Sorry – redundant twat.

See-Ya! BYE!


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