Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Has anyone but me noticed what a weird word lollipop is? I mean it’s just weird. Try saying it a few times, see if it makes any more sense. Lollipop lollipop lollipop. Ugh even thinking about it now is freaking me out.


But enough of that. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not feeling even the slightest bit Christmassy yet. And who can blame me. What I am feeling is hungover beyond the powers of man or beast. Not that beasts normally drink until their heads fall off, but there you go. Ack. As they say.

But the BIG news is that The Panster has finished his Christmas shopping. YES! Normally I’m still scrabbling around on Christmas Eve so being done by 22nd is nothing short of miraculous. Don’t know how I’m going to transport it all but that’s another story. I even have the paper and tags as well!! The only thing I don’t have is ribbon. Where can I get ribbon from (apart from vvrouleaux of course)??? Do I even care? Answer: NON!

And even after the forthcoming festivities I’ll still be coming in under £1K! Bargaineous.

Cards! Cards! I haven’t got any bloody cards. Maybe I can get some at James Selby a store so old fashioned they don’t even have a website of any kind . . . or . . ooh I just don’t know anymore. What with the massed wosnames and the hangover from beyond Hades I can’t think straight anymore. Everything hurts – back, kidneys, neck, stomach. Plus feel dizzy and sweaty. Not to mention sick as a dog. I need my bed. Probably dying. Anyway, no more booze for me till, erm Friday. And possibly not even then. Will I never learn. Apparently not.

The Inferno

I walked past Argos last night and it looked like the last chance lucky dip at Satan’s Own all-comers BBQ and pot roast. Those poor unfortunate souls.

Maybe they sell cards in Waitrose? Well actually I know they do but can I be bothered to brave it? I think not. But I bet they have cards and ribbon at James Selby.

Sofa + duvet + DVD + Chicken Korma Ready Meal = YES!

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