Monday, December 20, 2004


This whole David Blunkett thing is just getting weirder and weirder. It certainly looks like Kimberley Quinn is a bit of a serial power junkie – looks like she’s been knocking off Simon Hoggart as well . . . the plot thickens.

Poor Simon. His career is pretty much based on being the outside sneering at the antics of the inhabitants of the goldfish bowl, and suddenly – whoops – it’s caught with pants down time, and you’re exposed as being just the same as everyone else – desperately shagging around, lying your head off about it and crossing your fingers that you don’t get caught.

I have to admit though that I’m liking Mrs Quinn more and more. It would start to appear that she’s basically just been staggering around Westminster shagging anyone who catches her eye – nice one Mrs!


Perennial Leper Boy Donald Rumsfeld seems to have been acting like a total wanker again.

Donnie Boy – it’s too late to say you’re going to start signing the letters by hand after you’ve been caught out having them photocopied. The fact that you allowed this to happen in the first place tells everyone exactly what you really feel for the soldiers who have been killed in Iraq : contempt.

Don’t believe it? – then answer this. If Rumsfled really gave a shit you’d think he could take 5 seconds to scrawl his name at the bottom of a letter put in front of him by a secretary. But clearly not. I guess Rummy just doesn’t think that the life of a young soldier is equal to 5 seconds of his time. Now that’s arrogance for you.

It’s quite beyond belief that anyone can still stomach this guy. Still, as I’ve blogged before the thing the GOP is best at is persuading people that they are in fact just a bunch of Good Ole Boys, not the sociopathic, violence obsessed, billionaire autocrats they really are. Combine that with a heartland of American voters who are willing to swallow any bullshit to avoid seeing the actual consequences of America’s current policies and it starts to be understandable. It still makes about as much sense as poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick, but it’s more understandable : the combination of a bunch of compulsive liars and an electorate of starry eyed masochists is a powerful thing indeed.

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