Monday, December 20, 2004

The more I read about Kimberley Quinn and her ever so entangled love life, the more I like her. It’s seems to me that she’s basically just completely up for it, and doesn’t really give a monkey’s who knows it. I can see the great and the good squirming with horror at all this. Here she is – a married lady of independent means, and she’s *SPILLING THE BEANS* left right and centre and there’s no way they can leverage her to shut up. Compare this to the way 20 years ago that ultimate creep Cecil Parkinson browbeat poor Sara Keays into shutting up and then used the full power of the courts to stop her telling anyone what a shameless revolting disgrace he was. How times have changed. Tee Hee.

All those naughty boys who thought they could get away with a bit of extracurricular shagging on the side are going to be hung out to dry. I love it! You just don’t get stories as entertaining as this very often. I’m only hoping that there’s more to come. Oh if only Boris could somehow be drawn into the frame – then my week would be complete.

Don’t get me wrong, you know she’s a complete monster – probably egotistical to the point of insanity and utterly cavalier with the careers in the hands, but at the same time, she’s just kinda cool. All those slimey blokes undone in their debauchery because ultimately she didn’t really give a stuff about exposing herself and (as a corollary) them too.

Kimberley Quinn – dangerous, but refreshing.

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