Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Women’s Auxiliary Royal Canadian Moose Mounties Deliver Knockout Blow to Retarded Dickwits!

Hmmm – all quiet on the blogging front. Caused, for once, not by a total lack of stuff happening but by *too much* happening. I don’t think I have anything to add to the Great Bush Debacle except to say that I stayed up till 7am GMT and got absolutely shedded. With hindsight possibly the worst way to spend the night in recorded history.

So suffice it to say I was plastered and in no mood to do anything so spent the whole day in bed with the duvet over my head thinking "What have you done? What have you done? We’re all going to die!" and consoling myself with the thought that all the ‘tards from Lumpyhead, Kansas will be laughing on the other sides of their faces when they all get drafted to go and invade Iran. And it will be them of course – I don’t think the usual troops of ‘Operation Human Shield’ will be turning up in droves and we can also be pretty certain that none of Bush’s cronies offspring stands in any danger. The thought alone is laughable.


And on a deeper level we all have to start to seriously examine our attitudes towards America and Americans. Many bloggers myself included have always made the clear point of disengaging the actions and attitudes of the US government from actual Americans. But now?? Those guys have been clearly shown what Bush & Co are really like – there can be no doubt as to the stupidity, greed, hatred and intolerance of the Bush administration. Yet still he got voted back in on a hugely increased majority. The only logical conclusion is that the majority of voting Americans are also stupid, greedy, hateful and intolerant. The days of ‘benefit of the doubt’ are *OVER*.

To paraphrase Dead Ringers : "My fellow Amerindians, this electionification has proved one factuality beyond any doubtednessedness : there are 59,459,765 people out there even stupider than I am."


Never mind – no use crying over spilt milk. But I would say one more thing – can people please stop knocking Hillary? I hope she does run in 2008 and she is the probably the best candidate out there. What was wrong with Kerry? Not much, except he didn’t have much charisma, and people doubted whether he really believed what he was saying. No worries there from Mrs Clinton – she’s passionate and dedicated and she really believes. She is the embodiment on conviction politics. Forget all those idiots in Wyoming and what have you – they hate gays, they hate equality, they hate anyone who tells them to stop doing all the dumbass things they like doing that are ruining life on Earth for everyone else. Fuck em. They’re never going to vote Democrat. You could stand Adolf Hitler out there and if he had a blue rosette on him he wouldn’t get any votes. Get Hillary to pound whatever mummy’s boy asshole the republicans can come up with into shark chum and win back those states that must be taken to win. Trying to win votes by pretending to be ‘a bit republican’ clearly isn’t going to work. Reclaim the left of centre as the logical place to be. Of course in most countries they would all be so poor and sickly after another 4 years of this nonsense that a ‘Democrat’ victory would be a shue-in but not necessarily in the USA.

Numpties II

I’m beginning to think that republicans *like* being shat on. There’s clearly something in their make up that says “I’m nothing – use me, screw me, lie to me, patronise me, pretend I’m one of you to my face and jeer at me behind my back, take my money, my healthcare, my education, my children and feed it all into the pit. Give it to the super rich – make them richer, and the poor poorer because that’s what we do best in America – inequality.”

Enough Already

The reason I got so ming-monged was I’d been out earlier for rather groovy tapas at El Parador with the kids I used to work with at M.A.I.D. (or Dialog as it became known when it was owned by Dan Wagner instead of Thomson) - one of the most innovative companies of the last 20 years and a genuine delight to work for. Just a pity they were pathologically incapable of actually selling anything. We were reminiscing and comparing what we did there back in the day and realised that technology wise we were probably 5 years ahead of the field but had a unprecedented love of doing things the hard way instead of the ridiculously easy way. KISS – wise words when it comes to developing client-server bespoke knowledge enterprises suites. Never mind. And a second point – you’re never really going to sell a product that costs £200K if to install it you have to tweak your client’s server registry settings to install it.

That really was a great place to work – the sales team only employed beautiful women so there was always some eye candy to rest your glazzies on, the offices were on Leicester Square, we ate at Chinese restaurants every lunchtime and Dan’s idea of a company jolly was flying everyone to Barbados for 2 weeks. No, honestly. It was real communal working – we strove together, ate together, got trolleyed at The Blue Posts together (every night , pretty much) and went to the cinema on Friday lunchtime together. Despite all that we did a lot of great, original, work and had more fun than anyone going to work really should. And for the record – Dan was a cool guy who really valued the input staff made. I’m making it sound like it was all a laugh but we worked 10 hour days every day long before the dot-com nonsense started, we didn’t have shares, we didn’t begrudge it – we were happy to do it – we believed in what we were doing.

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