Thursday, November 11, 2004

So where have I been since last week – The Isle of bloody Wight. There is of course a logical explanation for all of this but let me tell you first – the island is weird. Not scary or anything, but weird all the same. A strange mixture of common and posh, urban and rural. The reason for this unseasonal journey was of course to attend the marriage of The Captain to The Mixster. Yikes. Actually of course I was more than attending I was in fact Best Manning. For those of you unfamiliar with this particular role your job is to organise the stag do (already done) and then stop the groom from getting two drunk, cart the rings around till needed, chivvy people about, make sure everything starts on time, and of course make the best man’s speech.

I can’t really comment on my organisational skills but my, speech, though I say it myself was wicked good. I slayed them. Which was lucky because beforehand I was sweating buckets. I’ll never be sneery at the best man again. Trust me when you stand up in front of 100 braying drunks with the remit to be rude enough to amuse a 35 year old rugby player yet not be rude enough to offend any octogenarians grandparents, there’s a certain moment of truth. However, the truth be told, it’s not the hardest audience in the world to please, and by the end they were rolling in the aisles. I rule. Rah!

They also very kindly gave me an iPod for my efforts, and I LOVE it. It’s simply the coolest thing in creation. It’s soooooo wicked. I *heart* Apple. I feel like a giddy schoolgirl with a new crush. Bring me unto the Macs. It’s time to change I think.

And speaking of things that haven’t changed saw Bridget Jones : The Edge of Reason on Sunday. If you liked the first one you’ll quite like this one – it’s the same film basically. Down to the same scenes and everything. Jumbled around a little, but there you go. In fact I suddenly feel a strange urge to go the cinema. Not that there’s anything on particularly, I just want that cinema experience. It’s comforting.

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