Monday, November 15, 2004

Christ. I’ve only had the iPod a week and I’m already embarrassed at half the shit I’ve managed to get on there already. OK – some of it’s pretty fine – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Cornershop, The Donnas, Lou Reed. And then, ooh-er starting to look a bit iffy : Blink-182, the Darkness, Lasgo, The Bangles until finally you’re right down there underneath the barrel and wondering how you managed to pollute your lovely machine with The Buggles, Juice Newton and Busted. FFS.

What I’ve always thought would be fun would be to walk through a crowded commuter train with some sort of stereo randomly pulling out people’s headphone jacks and inserting your own which then broadcasts whatever they’re listening to the rest of the carriage. The potential cool points could be enormous – imagine if you were listening to, say, Mein Hertz Brent (Rammstein) from the Lilja-4-Ever soundtrack.

Alternatively you could be standing there: Just you, a carriage full of commuters and The Strawberry Alarm Clocks.

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