Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I want one. I've enjoyed the ole 360 but I totally get what Nintendo are saying - the whole thing is becoming much too hard core and, not to put too fine a point on it, expensive. For the amount I spent on the XBOX 360 console and the various games I could (almost) have had an entry level mac book. And that's just nuts.

Plus I have to admit that beyond the fps & adventure game genre (Prey, Gears of War, Tomb Raider) and the odd driving game (PGR) the whole game thing is starting to leave me a bit cold - there's just no way I'd step up to the PS3 just for more of the same. Re-invening the whole user interface thing sounds fantastic - just what I need to re-invigorate my inner game geek. And it's Ninetendo so everything's going to be just that little bit quirky. I used to love Mario Karts. And Zelda, even though I was always a bit shite at it. Having said that I also loved Final Fantasy VII on the PS1, but somehow I don't really feel the urge to return there . . . maybe it's the online bit - never really got into WoW enough to justify the cost. Maybe I should return.

I have a feeling that after the hard core game kids have slaked their shopping thirst the Wii is going to kick the PS3 from here to upside your head and back again, at least in terms of return on ¥ invested even if not in total figures. it just seems like really good timing - forget the $$$ processor arms race and get back to having fun. And let's face it - at half the cost but double the cool it's going to be everyone's platform du choix. IMHO.

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