Thursday, July 22, 2010

Police - Ian Tomlinson

I see that plod is getting away with it as usual

There have been any number of recent cases where members of the public have been charged and convicted of murder where an assault that was not in itself that serious led to further complications and death.

Seemingly the rules that apply to members of the public don't apply to the groups of yobs roaming our streets calling themselves policemen. How much clearer does it have to be - the police are clearly shown attacking Mr Tomlinson unprovoked from behind and still nothing is done.

The police first lied and tried to cover their tracks and when caught out have just brazened it out and got away with it.

Why should citizens continue to have any respect for the police or co-operate with them in any way when their own standards of honesty & legality are seemingly non-existent?

The problem is that the Police have become completely balkanised in their little plod world. In their eyes the Police are not members of the public but somehow above the public - that seething mass of potential criminals. In their eyes the police should not have to be held to the same standard as the public, or, seemingly, any standard.

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