Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm starting to wonder just how relevant this whole 'internet' thing is to the world in general. I mean the problem is that the demographic make up of the majority of net users, and in particular prolific users and early adopters (who for want of a better word I'll call the is so off whack as to be virtually meaningless. Surely a case can be made that the internet is massively amplifying the voices and opinions of a bunch of politically and socially infantile geeks.

Of course I could count myself amongst their number, but chew on this for a moment :

Number of videos on youtube matching "Nelson Mandela" : 115

Number of videos on youtube matching "Ann Coulter" : 375

But let's keep this in perspective. How many for Madonna? 13,491.


Cafrin said...

Provocative words, O Pan. I think you might have a bit of a point.

But the internet per se is *extremely* relevant to a lot of people in the UK, people you might not expect. It's not relevant in that stupid "early adopter" way. I mean, in reality, most people over 30 are actively terrified of youtube, blackberries, watching television on their phones, etc. No, what I mean is a much more basic but very useful application of the internet, for shopping and for looking up basic information. For example, my 70 year old uncle is forever on the web pursuing his hobby of antiques and collecting. He adores eBay. And my 60 year old mother in law is on the web daily exploring different online gift catalogues or trying to find a new cake recipe.

This pretty much chimes with the way *I* use the net these days, now I'm no longer in gainful employment and am completely out of the loop with the latest tech trends. I adore the internet, but for Christmas shopping and as a sort of public library with knobs on. The applications leave me really cold because, like most normal people, I really don't understand them.

What's going to happen to the vast majority of us, who just like tootling around the web, reading stuff but not really interacting?

Pan said...

All good points - but today's application is tomorrows 'tootling about'. Think of eBay - your 70 year old uncle loves is but a few years ago eBay was the hot-shit interactive commercial white hot heat of industry of the internet - it was *the* killer app! And I belive you have a blog do you not? 5 years ago: the equivalent of walking around wearing a silicon chip as a brooch. Today: normal.

In 5 years time we'll all be downloading videos straight into our cortical nodes and not thinking anything of it ;-)

Well, maybe not sure about that last one, but one thing I do know is that in 5 years time those people who largely use the web for shopping will find their needs still more than adequately met.

On the other hand all those people cluttering up the web with recipes for motha fucking pineapple upside down cakes and 'where is the nearest chemist to Croyden tram stop' 'n' shit will have been ruthlessly hunted down and terminated.

As for bloggers? Heh!