Wednesday, November 15, 2006

GOD! People who get in the lift to go one floor! The stairs are RIGHT THERE assholes. And it's not like you couln't stand to lose a bit of weight either.

And on that note I had a bean salad and two apples for lunch today. But that was to make up for last night's lager & nachos incident. And now I'm eating a ham and cheese panini. With Salad.

I'm feeling angry today, but not as angry as this morning. I was livid then. And I don't really know what about either . . . weird.

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Cafrin said...

And furthermore.

People who use the lift to get to the platform of DLR stations when they are able bodied and quite capable of using flight of steps. Most DLR lifts are old, cranky and slow: I often have to wait ages for one, and they break down a lot. And often as not, after five extremely stressful minutes waiting for the lift, trying to calm a crying baby or stop a bored feisty three year old from running away, who is revealed to have held me up? Is it and old lady with her shopping trolley or a dude in a wheelchair? No. It's a fat lazy teenager who can't be arsed to walk down (DOWN!) a flight of stairs.