Monday, October 16, 2006

This morning I was so hungry I was actually in pain on the tube and had to have a double bowl of muesli when I got to work. Fair enuf but not when you consider what I ate yesterday :-

Breakfast : n/a
Lunch : Prawn Jambalaya with rice, 2 Apples
Snack : 1/2 packet pork scratchings
Dinner : Roast chicken with roast potatoes, gravy, garlic bread, green salad, baked chocolate pudding
Supper : Tin of sardines, bowl 3 bean soup, 2 apples.

It's disgusting isn't it? The dinner etc was cooked by my friend Ana. I'm not a bad cook but it's quite effortful and by the numbers. It's the opposite of natural. Still though, the results are not too shabby. Ana's cooking is entirely relaxed, casual, almost lazy in appearance and seems to generate no washing up. The results : absolutely sublime. She just understands it at some deeper more intrinsic level than me - it's the difference between Salieri and Mozzer. By the standards of the day they were both fantastic, but in comparison to each other one was a genius and the other a lumpen fingered musical hod carrier.

On the other hand I can make a Hollandaise sauce and she can't so there. BTW there's a lot of guff talked about Hollandaise sauce - it's not that hard, you just need to pay attention.

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