Thursday, August 24, 2006

Went to see Miami Vice last night . . . better late than never. Quite enjoyed it but very disappointed that there wasn't a scene where a cigarette boat takes off from a boat ramp over a causeway, is sprayed with automatic weapons fire (preferably from an M60 mounted on the back of a hot pink Subaru) and crashes into an 18-wheeler before exploding in a giant fireball with shrapnel flying in all directions and the camera doing a matrix style 180 to Gong Li jumping off the back of a pin-wheeling jet bike simply to kick Crockett in the nuts so hard his head turns inside out.

Now that's a scene I'd pay to see. That's the problem with these blockbusters - no imagination.

What do we think? White Goodman / Sonny Crockett - same dude?

I can't believe he kept that moustache on all the way through the movie. I thought it was some sort of comedy 'disguise' in the opening scenes . . . but no. WOW!

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