Thursday, August 24, 2006

Funny, funny, guys . . . . .

I hate tofu. I hate it in all it's forms. And apparently it's supposed to be quite bad for you. Yup tofu is now bad for you. Official. But let's face it - what isn't? Actully I quite like miso soup.

I'm still not going to go ut and buy a fucking hummer though. All the same, as they're a lot cheaper than I'd assumed I could afford one should I wish to. So if I was a dick brained panty-wad this ad may well have worked. Unfortunately for the Hummer people all the DBPWs (Dick Brained Panty Wads) already own hummers and I fear it's going to take more than a 30 second slot on Geraldo to convert a tofu zealot into Dick fucking Cheney.

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