Friday, February 18, 2005


Mmmm – ate the best soft shell crab last night at Au Lac. Looks a bit like a canteen straight from the People’s Republic, but really great food. As ever starters are better than main course – prawns in a coconut and lemon grass sauce were just amazing – really good. Did drink 4 beers and smoke about 10 fags though, so that wasn’t good, but I guess you can’t win them all – was caught up in the moment.


On the serendipity front though I left my iPod running all through the meal by accident, but it still had enough juice to get me home and into work this morning – gave up the ghost just as I was stepping into the lift . . . perfect timing really. Plus got a seat on the tube as well – fairly unheard of on the Piccadilly line. Why is the Piccadilly line always so crowded. I mean there must be reasons, but what are they? I suppose it is the main artery of tourists running out to Heathrow, but even that doesn’t account for it. It’s a pity you can’t just put an extra lane on the outside. Now that would be weird – multi track tube lines. Actually it wouldn’t be weird, after all they have them in NY. And Paris as I recall, but it’s been so long since I was there I can hardly remember. Je ne reviens pas.


It’s cool being European. I just got a CD in the post of Belgian trance that I ordered from Germany. Technically you could do the same thing from America, you just wouldn’t. It wouldn’t occur to most people to order something not available at Which means that you can’t buy a multi region DVD player which means you can only play region 1 (North America) DVDs. But then why would you want to . . . if it’s not available in Region 1 NTSC can it actually be worth anything anyway?

As you can see still feeling grumpy despite a relatively painless day. Got three different social engagements this evening. Oh what it is to be popular ;-)

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