Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Q. What percentage of pop-up ads are offering pop-up removal software - about 30% by my estiamates. Bastards

Anyway I've been up to all my usual shenanigans since last post - no real change, nothing to report. Same old same old. Actually went round to dinner at Dr Heartbreak's on Saturday - very nice meal depsite him managing to totally balls up his sword fish paella which was particuarly amusing as OOD was there, who of course Dr H has a major thing for as well. Of course. It's seemingly illegal for me to fancy anyone without one of my idiot friends developing some sort of sordid obsession for them and totally cocking it up. Was actually a very entertaining evening, despite feeling a tad peaky to start with. Also watched the end of Eurosong. Actually I love the Eurovision Song Contest, but as we hadn't organized the proper celebrations this year there was only minimal interest.

So what did we think of the plucky Ukranian victors? Put it this way - my friend's cleaner is from The Ukraine and even she said it was shit. I liked the fur bikinis tho . . .

I didn't really see any of the other entrants but apparently it was actually about the best entry, so God only knows wtf the quality of the rest was. Can't have been as wank as Jamie Cullum anyway. Or as the Guardian described him . . . this talentless maggot boy.

Sunday saw Pan at Stev and Von A's for lunch, and I'm afraid it turned into one of those days. Stev cooked a fantastic lunch, we sat outside under his table umbrealla and engaged in polite chit chat about childcare and weddings. Fast forward a few hours and between the 6 of us we had entirely filled a full sized recycling trug with empties. And I'm not talking about beer bottles here either. Nice work.

Yesterday went for a walk along the Thames from Strand on the Green to Hammersmith. I'd never realised that loop of the river was so countrified. I mean it's in zone 2 ffs and there's nothing but grass, sports clubs, boat houses, cow parsley and women with blonde hair driving 4x4s. Still - very pleasant for a change, tho to be honest I found being in the middle of London and unable to see anything except vegetation, and it being completely quite rather eerie. Unsettling. Was actually quite glad to wander back onto the river path proper.

Had an interview this morning. Seemed to go fine but I'm not counting any chickens. Hopefully I've learnt my lesson about unrealistic expectations.

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