Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Abbey National

Are truly a joke.

I've been waiting for a new card to access my Current Account since the last one expired. Last month!

15 days late so far. It's just not acceptable. Every time I ring them some hapless gnome says they don't know where it is, what's going on, what colour the sky is, la la la, I'm not listening.

The latest I heard was that the reason for the backlog of cards was that their card manufacturing facility was flooded in July. Ah-huh. I'd be more disposed to give this much credence if they'd told me that when I first started hassling them - 2 weeks ago!

What is really annoying is that I have received not one letter, phone call or email from them explaining, or, heaven forfend, appologising for this massive inconvenience. If I hadn't spent several hours chasing them I'd still be completely in the dark.

OK, OK, it's not the end of the world, but I'm supposed to be going away next week and if I can't go because I'm still waiting on this card (which accesses salary and company payments) I'm going to be really pissed off.


Peter said...

Actually having the same problem, and after googling it, found your blog.....Dare i ask if u have ur card yet? I also got told their card place was flooded...and im disabled so i cant keep going to the bank every time i want to buy something, it just isnt practical...Please tell me you have ur card now?

Anonymous said...

I too am having the very same problem. My card expired in September. So I went into my local branch where my new card is usually delivered. Needless to say it wasn't there. When I then asked for an explanation I was told that there was a backlog. When I asked why this was no explanation was given but that my new card should be available in one to two weeks.

It has now been THREE weeks! As all Londoners know, a postal strike took place over the past 2-3 weeks - the effects of which we are still living through. This was the 'reason' given for why my card had not yet arrived. Funny that, especially when it's supposed to take 3-7 days for cards to arrive once orderd. I was told that my card was automatically orderd on the 7th of September. Correct me if I'm wrong but there was no strike in that week or the following 7 days.

I was then told that my card must have gotten lost in the post therefore they will cancel the one that was originally ordered and place an order for anew one. That was last Saturday. No prize for guessing whether my card has arrived yet... I'm simply going to have to switch banks. How else can we let Crappy Abbey know that this is simply not good enough...