Tuesday, July 25, 2006

last night I dreamt that I was a woman. Quite a weird dream, but it got weirder. In my dream my consciousness was split in between two different women - one who was attempting to seduce *another* woman, and one who wasn't. Altogether very strange. In the end the non seducer was shocked by the actions of the other and I woke up just when things were getting interesting. Tchuh

I think though that one of the things I liked about it the most (apart from being fairly sexy) was that in the dream I was not only 2 beautiful women I was also clearly quite rich and had one of those lovely crisp white linen and beige wood bedrooms. Well at least half of me did. One of me was upstairs putting the moves on and the other of me was down in the kitchen making a cup of cocoa.

Interesting that, in the dream world at least, consciousness doesn't seem to have any difficulty being split into different parts. Actually I've noticed this a lot - in the dream state we're able to operate quite happily with different modes of consciousness, though this seems to fade within 30 seconds or a minute of waking up. Sometime the memory of that altered consciousness does linger on though as in the above example.

I suppose its not actually that odd when you think about it. We do contrary things all the time after all, for example making sure we deliberately get found out for our misdeeds or being unable to make up our minds about something or believing two self evidently contradictory things at the same time. I guess it sort of indicates that our brains aren't organized like some sort of centralised command with the id sitting at the top of the tree dishing out the orders, but more like a de-centralised commune where different parts contribute different bits which combine to create our 'consciousness'. Or something like that.

It was cool being a lesbian for a bit though.

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