Sunday, July 31, 2005

sometimes, for no particular reason, like now, I really miss new york. i can imagine being there right now - it's about lunchtime so everyone is doing brunch and sweating like a pig if they're eating outdoors and freezing their tits off inside. sunny days , midtown manhattan - nothing like it. i miss being there, i miss, however vicariously, being a new yorker. sometimes london seems more like an enormous open sewer than anything else. and it's so fucking cold. and rainy. all the time. i exagerate but you know what i mean.

i don't want to be here - i want to be lying in central park and thinking about going to ruby foos for some cheap suchi or perhaps calle ocho for dinner. Or, well i could talk about restaurants in manhattan all day. best meal ever? hard to say. probably indigo which is no longer there for it's laid backness and seriously inventive food. Or for the ultimate in grown up dining Alison on Dominick Street. I once took my then girlfriend there. the bill (for just the 2 of us) came to $350, which I quite happily put through company expenses. and who says romance is dead. can't remember what i ate but do remember drinking brandy at $40 the glass. thems were the days.

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