Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Mood : Bleak.

Well, not a whole lot been going on here. Having some difficulties finding a new flatmate – there just doesn’t seem to be anyone who wants to rent it. Seen a couple of people, but no-one that leaps out at us . . . ho hum.

Had a merry old night out with Yip-Yap on Friday. I think technically I may snogged her at some point – definitely a fairly random night out . . . odd.

Feel a bit out of sorts – depressed and ill. Have done something to the nerve in the back of my knee – keep getting strange numb sensations in my shin + non specific muscle pain. Have taken to sleeping 10/12 hours a night, but don’t feel better – continuing low level headache. Probably something to do with the fact that I’ve given up smoking. Had to happen at some point, but strangely depressing to think that that’s a pleasure to be forever gainsaid now – starting again would be weakness.

I’m reading Christiane F again after many years – probably not helping with my hypochondria, but still gripping + monumentally depressing.

The news has of course been completely off putting as well. I just so want this war to be over, but of course it never will be now. I don’t mean that this stage of the campaign won’t end, of course it will, but then we’ll have 3 years of American puppet regimen + increasing terrorist activity . . . in 10 years we’ll still be fully engaged fighting a full blown terrorist holding action . . . it really is enough to make you despair. I guess the Americans are so deluded that they think shooting people is a good way to control terrorist activity. They’ll learn eventually I guess . . . or not as the case may be :-(

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